The first autumn Moon

Model: Nicole Renteria

Clothes: Prosapia

Make up: Kerizereth Serrano

Spotlight sportchic stairs rose strike 2 poses #myclavins Obsession no.1 those lips flawless #prosapia prosapia fur coat moving hairsexyback

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Oct 07 19:37












Kenia Aguilar Polaroids


right left

mess front

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Sep 08 19:54with 1 nota
One Way

The last adventure in a summer that never ends






Pop Car stop tree endless cigarette bye one way beauty rock waiting lips tired smile hat sunglasses stay dance up smog  funfly

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Sep 08 19:46
Nostalgia Series

The history I wanted to capture was a fairy waking up from her long dream and founding all your world have disappear , she just stay and complain the new world, but at least all this is just a dream.

Model: Jocelyn Flores

Clothes : Gala Limòn

Fairy life is a drem Escape from the reality Waiting to death

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Ago 29 19:48
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